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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Day 1: Arriving in Porto

It has been a grueling day and night of travel: We left yesterday morning and trained to Boston Logan, flew to Philly, then all night to Lisbon.  Once in Lisbon we took a train to Porto and wandered around getting a meal and our pilgrim credencial stamped at the Cathedral Se to begin our Camino formally.  Then a final trudge through the old city to our hostel and holding on as long as possible to synchronize with the new time zone.  Stuart has a hard time with foreign trace and this time is no exception:  I hope he feels better tomorrow and ready to walk.  I seem to be blessed with an iron constitution for travel and for that I am grateful.
Wearing the pilgrims scallop shell evokes many a conversation about pilgrimage with strangers.  Met a Catholic priest from Kentucky at the airport who was on his way with his flock on pilgrimage to Ireland; a young woman chased me down to ask about the Camino because she hopes to walk it soon;  a German man sitting next to us on the train to Porto shared his pilgrim experience with on the Norte route to Santiago.  If you are pilgrims it is always an immediate bond when meeting.
I am in the gathering darkness on the roof of this hostel listening to the sounds of pigeons cooing, dogs barking, cats chasing each other on the tin rooftops and seagulls calling.  It barely sounds like a city, more like a farm yard.  But Porto is very lively and full of beautiful blue and white tile murals, lovely Romanesque buildings, river scenes, and a warm vibe.  The Portugese are as wonderful as I have always heard, so friendly and helpful!
I will try to post photos later.
Off to bed at long last.

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